Bioimplon – Biotech Innovation Pioneers

The Bioimplon GmbH is one of the leading companies specialized in the development and distribution of patented biomaterials for regenerative medicine. We offer our customers the world biggest portfolio of Atelo-Collagen medical devices of bovine origin. Our unique products are being used in various medical areas, especially in dental, implantology, maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedics, neuro- and spinal surgery as well as in dermatology, gynaecology and urology. Our products guarantee excellent results in bone and tissue regeneration, haemostasis and wound healing, which are confirmed and appreciated by customers worldwide.

Our unique patented and innovative technologies and characteristics

Atelopeptidation – free of antigenic telopeptides

Lyophilization – natural, not heated bovine bone composite

Bacteriostatic – limits the growth of bacteria

Growth factors –native and active bioelements

Atelo-Collagen – pure, crystalline Atelo-Collagen Type I

Our unique product portfolio

Our CE and ISO – certified products of Atelo-Collagen Type I have been successfully proven in the following fields for many years:

Bone regeneration

Hypro-Oss® is a natural bovine bone substitution material with integrated Atelo-Collagen Type I, which is used for the permanent filling and reconstruction of bone defects.

Soft tissue regeneration

All products of the Hypro-Sorb® group consist of 99.9% pure Atelo-Collagen Type I and cover a wide range of indications in the soft tissue regeneration.


The Hypro-Sorb® product portfolio also includes a range of haemostatic sponges and cones, which are used for haemostasis. Each product is made of 99.9% pure crystalline Atelo-Collagen Type I of bovine origin.

Wound healing

Hypro-Flex® is a dermatological sponge made of Atelo-Collagen Type I and hyaluronate. It is used for fast and uncomplicated wound healing in dermatology and plastic surgery.