The term atelopeptidation describes the physicochemical deletion of the immunogenic/antigenic terminal peptide sequence within a collagen molecule – the telopeptide. The resulting modified collagen is called Atelo-Collagen. This safe, non-immunogenic collagen can be implanted in patients, guaranteed without any adverse reactions. Our patented technology (registered patent no. 276891) allows us to delete the antigenic peptide within the bone or membrane compound. This way, the native collagen structure inside each product is preserved and makes the material highly biocompatible.

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Due to our unique atelopeptidation process technology we can manufacture our products by completely avoiding any form of heating. By this, any alteration of the natural, crystalline micro-structure of the hydroxyapatite and of the collagen/Atelo-Collagen, as well as the ceramization of the bone is excluded. On the contrary – our process enables us to preserve all positive properties of the collagen and guarantees excellent results in bone and tissue regeneration, wound healing and haemostasis.