Hypro-Flex® is a dermatological wound dressing of pure Atelo-Collagen and hyaluronate. It is being used for fast and effective wound healing in dermatology and plastic surgery.

Propteries and advantages

wound dressing made of pure, crystalline Atelo-Collagen Type I of bovine origin and hyaluronate

easy to apply and place, does not stick to wound, surgical site or instruments

easy to shape, can be adapted to the shape of the wound

less re-bandaging necessary, the wound is thus less traumatized, which pushes the wound healing process

time of resorption ranges from 2 to 7 weeks, depending on factors such as the condition of the wound, the presence or absence of infection and the extent of exudation

high absorption capacity, when moistened, it can be formed into the desired shape and keeps the wound moist

can be used on its own or in combination with other medicinal products and/or antibiotics without excessive denaturation of the Atelo-Collagen substance

sterile and safe for two years after production



varicose ulcers

chronic skin inflammation

neuropathic defects

1st and 2nd degree burns

postoperative wound complications (such as dehiscence)

other acute superficial or deeper injuries

bone and joint damage

Available sizes of Hypro-Flex®

Catalog numberProduct sizePieces per package
05165x110x4 mm1
05255x65x4 mm1
05320x25x4 mm6

Hypro-Flex®, Cat. no. 053


Hypro-Flex®, Cat. no. 052


Hypro-Flex®, Cat. no. 051