Hypro-Sorb F® Membrane

Hypro-Sorb® F is a rigid, bilayer membrane made of 99.9% pure, crystalline Atelo-Collagen Type I, which is derived from the bovine Achilles tendon. Hypro-Sorb® F is 0.2 mm thick with high tensile and bending strength due to densely packed collagen fibers. Therefore, it is recommended to soak the membrane with saline or the patient’s blood for at least 1 minute before application to facilitate handling.  

The resorption process occurs in two phases. During the first six to eight weeks,
Hypro-Sorb® F stays intact. The resorption of the membrane starts afterwards. The membrane is completely resorbed within six months.

Properties and advantages

0.2 mm rigid, bilayer membrane

pure, crystalline Atelo-Collagen Type I, free of immunogenic telopeptides

highest degree of tissue biocompatibility

highest safety with excellent wound healing characteristics

quick adaptation to the defect due to it is potent hydrophilic properties

reduced risk of dehiscence formation due to the texture and mild bacteriostatic effect of Atelo-Collagen

long barrier function of circa 16 weeks, complete resorption after 6 months

rough and smooth sides are clearly distinguishable

sterile and safe for five years after production

Hypro-Sorb® F membrane,
rough side

Hypro-Sorb® F membrane,
smooth side


sinus floor elevation

segmental growth of the alveolar tissue


furcation treatment

maxillofacial surgery


periodontal surgery

cleft lip and palate

Available sizes of the Hypro-Sorb F® Membrane

Catalog numberProduct sizePieces per package
02315x20x0.2 mm1
02420x30x0.2 mm1
02530x40x0.2 mm1

Hypro-Sorb® F, Cat. no. 023


Hypro-Sorb® F, Cat. no. 024


Hypro-Sorb® F, Cat. no. 025