Bioimplon – Biotech Innovation Pioneers

Bioimplon is one of the leading companies specialized in the development and distribution of innovative and regenerative biomaterials for medical and dental fields. All of our products (bone substitute & collagen membranes) consist of Atelo-Collagen of bovine origin. Our membranes, matrices and haemostatics consist entirely of this modified, non-immunogenic collagen. Bioimplon invests continuously in the development of research and technology, so that our products are constantly being improved. As well, Bioimplon has competent and specialized staff in the medical field. We continuously expand our business and we offer our products worldwide in about 72 countries. Today Bioimplom is an innovative market leader in the natural bone and soft tissue regeneration sector.







Letter from the general manager

Dear clinical user,

Bioimplon’s focus is to develop, manufacture and distribute unique native bovine biomaterial products in the cutting edge of regenerative medicine. Our extensive product offerings cover the fields of bone and tissue regeneration, tissue engineering and wound healing for all dental, spinal, orthopaedic and dermatologic applications and surgeries. Our products are used by oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists and dental implantologists as well as by orthopedic, spinal surgeons and all surgery disciplines.
Patient safety, ease of use, reliable and predictable treatment results are our first priorities. Our products have proven their success in safety, efficiency, reliability and superior handling characteristics in clinical studies and documented cases, as well as in the daily clinical work with many hundred thousands of patients worldwide.
In addition to our Hypro-Sorb® membranes, matrices and cones, and our Hypro-Oss® bovine bone substitution and regeneration material, the company has developed moldable bone graft blocks, injectable gel forms and putty that we will launch in near future.
We collaborate with several universities and researchers around the globe for maintaining the highest scientific updates. I personally thank our clinical users and collaborating researchers worldwide for the very positive feedback and invite you to share with us your experiences and suggestions for improvements.

Dr. med. Sami Watad
General Manager
Bioimplon GmbH