Hypro-Sorb® R

Hypro-Sorb® R includes bioabsorbable haemostatic sponges made of 99.9% pure, crystalline

Atelo-Collagen Type I, which is derived from the bovine Achilles tendon.

Properties and advantages

haemostatic sponge of pure, crystalline Atelo-Collagen Type I of bovine origin

highest degree of tissue biocompatibility with excellent wound healing characteristics

preservation of compactness and effectivity for two to four weeks

resorbs within two to four weeks

usable in infected wounds or with medically compromised patients

can be cut to size without loss of haemostatic properties

safe and sterile for five years after production


general surgery

neuro surgery

spinal surgery



decubitus ulcers

1st and 2nd degree burns

complicated wounds

Available sizes of Hypro-Sorb® R

Catalog numberProduct sizePieces per package
00165x110x4 mm1
00255x65x4 mm2
004150x200x4 mm1
005200x300x4 mm1
010115x335x4 mm1
011110x110x4 mm1
01255x65x4 mm1


Hypro-Sorb® R, Cat. no. 012


Hypro-Sorb® R, Cat. no. 001


Hypro-Sorb® R, Cat. no. 011