Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix

Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix is a multilayer tissue matrix made of 99.9% pure, crystalline Atelo-Collagen Type I,

which is derived from the bovine Achilles tendon. The matrix supports neovascularization and controlled

soft tissue integration. It is a safe alternative for the patient’s own soft tissue grafting material.

Properties and advantages

biocompatible pure, crystalline Atelo-Collagen Type I – free of antigenic telopeptides

multilayer soft tissue structure

complete resorption within six months and converted into patient’s own soft tissue

excellent barrier function, lasting for 14 to 16 weeks

rapid neovascularization and integration

accelerates soft tissue replacement without the need for autograft harvesting

easy handling, can be easily applied and fixed

sterile and safe for five years after production



spinal and neuro surgery

plastic surgery



general surgery

Available sizes of the Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix – 0.8 mm

Catalog numberProduct sizePieces per package
06020x25x0.8 mm1
06125x50x0.8 mm1
06240x60x0.8 mm1
06350x50x0.8 mm1
06450x100x0.8 mm1
06575x75x0.8 mm1
066100x100x0.8 mm1
067100x125x0.8 mm1
068125x175x0.8 mm1
069125x200x0.8 mm1


Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix, Cat. no. 061


Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix, Cat. no. 063


Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix, Cat. no. 065

Available sizes of the Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix – 2.0 mm

Catalog numberProduct sizePieces per package
04020x25x2 mm1
04125x50x2 mm1
04240x60x2 mm1
04350x50x2 mm1
04450x100x2 mm1
04575x75x2 mm1
046100x100x2 mm1
047100x125x2 mm1
048125x175x2 mm1
049125x200x2 mm1


Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix, Cat. no. 041


Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix, Cat. no. 043


Hypro-Sorb® M Matrix, Cat. no. 045